Wes Ander­son Movie Night (OmeU)


16. Jun. 2023


20.00 Uhr


Kino Arsenal & Bar

On the occa­si­on of the release of Wes Anderson’s newest film “Aste­ro­id City” we would like to “spend the night” with you in the cine­ma wat­ching his three much ear­lier films.

We do not plan major breaks bet­ween films so we can alre­a­dy tell you one thing:
prepa­re slee­ping bags, pil­lows and some pho­ne num­bers of food sup­pli­ers.… Piz­za in the scree­ning room? No pro­blem! Want to come in a paja­ma to be sure you’ll be as com­for­ta­ble as pos­si­ble? Great!

We’ll do our best to get you through the night!

Bottle Rocket Poster Print (27.94 X 43.18 CM)

Fri­day, 16.06.2023
20:00 BOT­T­LE ROCKET (OmeU)
1996 | 1h 31m | dra­ma, come­dy, crime | stars: Luke Wil­son, Owen Wil­son, Ned Dowd

Ama­zing debut from Wes Ander­son and the Wil­son brothers!

They’­re not real­ly cri­mi­nals, but everybody’s got to have a dream.

Wes Ander­son first illus­tra­ted his lovin­g­ly detail­ed, slight­ly sur­re­al cine­ma­tic visi­on (with cowri­ter Owen Wil­son) in this visual­ly wit­ty and warm por­trait of three young mis­fits. Best fri­ends Antho­ny, Dignan, and Bob  stage a wild­ly com­plex, mild­ly suc­cessful rob­be­ry of a small book­s­to­re, then go “on the lam.” During their adven­tures, Antho­ny falls in love with a South Ame­ri­can house­kee­per, Inez and they befri­end local thief extra­or­di­naire Mr. Hen­ry. Bot­t­le Rocket is a char­ming, hila­rious, affec­tion­a­te look at the fol­ly of drea­mers, shot against radi­ant sou­thwes­tern back­drops, and the film that put Ander­son and the Wil­son brot­hers on the map.


22:00–22:30 Eating pause
We will prepa­re spe­cial sal­ty snacks like quiche and others for you at a fair pri­ce, but we recom­mend orde­ring (for exam­p­le piz­za) from your favo­ri­te deli­very ser­vice at 10pm, so you can streng­then yourself.


THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS Filmposter Wes Anderson | eBay
Fri­day, 16.06.2023
22:30 The Roy­al Tenen­baums (OmeU)
2001 | 1h 50m | dra­ma, come­dy | stars: Bill Mur­ray, Gene Hack­man, Anje­li­ca Hus­ton, Gwy­neth Palt­row, Luke Wil­son, Owen Wil­son, Ben Stiller

One of Anderson’s grea­test talents is his light­ness of touch: The Roy­al Tenen­baums is about dis­ap­point­ment, reg­ret, grief, loneli­ne­ss, and at‐times sui­ci­dal depres­si­on, and it has the Nico, Nick Dra­ke, and Elliott Smith songs to pro­ve it. — The Quardian

Roy­al Tenen­baum and his wife, Ethe­li­ne had three child­ren— Chas, Mar­got, and Richie — and then they sepa­ra­ted. Chas star­ted buy­ing real estate in his ear­ly teens and see­med to have an almost pre­ter­na­tu­ral under­stan­ding of inter­na­tio­nal finan­ce. Mar­got was a play­w­right and recei­ved a Bra­ver­man Grant of $50,000 in the ninth gra­de. Richie was a juni­or cham­pi­on ten­nis play­er and won the U.S. Natio­nals three years in a row. Vir­tual­ly all memo­ry of the bril­li­ance of the young Tenen­baums was sub­se­quent­ly era­sed by two deca­des of betra­y­al, fail­ure, and dis­as­ter. The Roy­al Tenen­baums is a hila­rious, tou­ch­ing, and bril­li­ant­ly sty­li­zed stu­dy of melan­cho­ly and redemp­ti­on from Wes Anderson.


The Darjeeling Limited: Silence, Noise and Character Development – Your Film Theory Sucks

Satur­day, 17.06.2023
00:30 The Dar­jee­ling Limi­t­ed (OmeU)
2007 | 1h 31m | dra­ma, come­dy | stars: Owen Wil­son, Adri­en Bro­dy, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Mur­ray, Anje­li­ca Huston

I want us to be brot­hers again, like we used to be.

Wes Ander­son has made so many gre­at movies, it’s ine­vi­ta­ble that one of them would be a bit over­loo­ked. The Dar­jee­ling Limi­t­ed is that movie.
This is a sto­ry about three brot­hers who, fol­lo­wing their father’s death, take a train jour­ney across India that (they hope) will pro­vi­de heal­ing, self‐discovery and enlightenment.

Tickets — 10,00€ / 9,00€

At the box office in ARSE­NAL cine­ma you will also have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to purcha­se LIMI­T­ED group‐tickets for all three films for €18. The pro­mo­tio­nal offer is only valid for purcha­se in the cine­ma (not online), pro­vi­ded that you buy tickets for all three scree­nings at the same time.

We would be deligh­ted if you watch all the films with us!

Gut­schei­ne / Frei­kar­ten — have no vali­di­ty during this event.


  • Kino Arsenal & Bar
  • Hintere Grabenstraße 20
  • Tübingen
  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Deutschland


  • 16. Jun. 2023 20.00 Uhr   -   17. Jun. 2023 02.00 Uhr
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